We take on every stage of the production process, from concepting and talent casting to motion graphics and special effects.

Every project is a personal opportunity to push the limits of video and create something that not only our clients are ecstatic about, but we are as well.

We don’t believe in “working” but rather pursuing our passion and using it to help others. We love what we do!

So how do we get started?

Simply let us know what you need.

Even if you’re not quite sure what you want yet, contact us with whatever details you have and we’ll help you build your commercial from there.

We create videos of all levels, always high-end, but customizable based on your needs. In other words, after getting a good idea of the project, we’ll let you know what’s possible depending on your company’s current budget and resources.

How long does it take to produce an amazing video?

Well how long did it take to create “Charlie Bit My Finger”? Only :55 seconds! Now we know not everyone may have access to two ridiculously adorable English kids, but the simple answer is 4- 6 weeks depending again on what we are creating.

Here’s a few things that some may not know, go into producing a video:

  • Finding the right talent. Sometimes going through hundreds to find the perfect person to represent your product
  • Finding and renting filming locations, including getting the proper legal releases.
  • Setting up specialized lighting and audio equipment to capture the perfect image and sound.
  • Color correction and grading. Every video image is altered and enhanced digitally to help the look and feel of what you are trying to communicate. Ever wonder why movies look so different from your home videos?
  • Motion graphics where each frame may need to be individually created and adjusted (there are 24 frames or pictures in one second of video or 1,440 pictures to adjust in one minute of video!)

Lastly, we’re here to help you develop and bring your video to life. So whether you’d like to just step back and let us take full control or you have something very specific in mind and just need a talented team to film and edit it, we are here for you and are always excited to create something new and captivating.

Thanks for checking us out!


- The Element C Team